I've changed my mind

1 minute read

It’s interesting. After what? Six years?! I have finally concluded to change the blog platform! I care nothing much but the content. In fact, some time ago, I have given up on statistics either - I regret nothing.

I stopped carrying about collecting data, whether people are reading me at all, nor do I want to know where they are from or who they are and their age group. I don’t want to see it. Also, I don’t want to see the spikes because I get frightened to mess up the flow, and when I do write, when I see no interest in the topic, I get anxious and question myself. So I concluded, like my wife would say: “I don’t need this negative in my life! 🙅”

I think from now on. I’ll stick to the fact that I’m going to write what I like. So here is the new me. Thanks to everyone who recommended me, Jekyll and Hugo. They are fabulous! P.S. I also might pick a new domain for it.